(When) will they ever learn?

The leaders of Europe’s larger nations, Germany, the UK, even Finland are making fine, impassioned speeches on how Greece is not going to get its way on debt write-off, but Europe is more and more moving into that space between a rock and a hard place. And they have only themselves to blame.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that you can’t solve a debt problem with more debt. Only by restructuring the debt which already exists and/or writing off some of it. A twelve year old can tell you that. But there are obviously no rocket scientists amongst Europe’s leaders, and apparently no-one with the intelligence of a twelve year old either.

Greece cannot repay the existing loans in the time allotted so sooner or later Greece will be forced to default. And where will that get them, when Greece is using the same currency as the rest of the Euro-zone? Where will the money come from to pay all the wages, never mind the debt? And as for Yanis Varoufakis’ statement that he wants to stay in the Euro-zone, his only way out of the present situation is to leave the Euro-zone. He has to have control of his currency. It will take a fifteen year old to work that out, so the Euro-zone leaders are already eliminated.

It is time for the European leaders to take a look around the world and see what is going on, and decide in what way they want to be a part of it. The middle east is a mess – which in fact it has been almost as long as I have been alive – but the mess is getting worse. The Empire of Chaos in the west has orchestrated wars in country after country, Libya, Irak, Syria, to say nothing of their role in the Arab Spring countries. And in country after country they leave the place in rubble: no homes, no schools, no hospitals, no places of work; just rival war-lords and frightened citizens, or citizens fleeing to neighbouring countries.

I could also mention the devastation left in Palestine by those in charge of the Empire of Chaos, Israel and its psychopathic leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

And now the Empire of Chaos thinks it is time to speed up the destruction of Europe also. Europe had the chance to be a second player on the world scene, with a larger population than the Empire of Chaos, and a comparable market. However, the Empire of Chaos had the brilliant idea of getting the UK into the EU, to stir up as much trouble as possible and veto as many plans the Empire did not like as possible. Don’t believe what you hear about the UK leaving the EU. Who will then run the Empire’s errands?

Next the Empire wanted to get NATO nudging Russia’s borders, so it got Victoria ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland to orchestrate the coup d’état in the Ukraine and put neo-nazis and right-wing extremists in power. She then started a civil war against the russian-speaking half of the country, hoping to make Russia do something stupid, not realising that the stupid people were all on her side.

And what do we have now in the Ukraine? Kiev’s troops are on the run, running out of ammunition and disorganised. The devastation is not so total as it is in Libya and the other countries mentioned above, but almost nothing works. The Ukraine is bankrupt and will get no help from either the EU or the Empire of Chaos – apart from the usual help from there: weapons. And Russia merely waits for its opponents to admit defeat, and then it will quietly step in and sort out the mess, and the Ukraine will return sooner or later into the arms of Mother Russia.

The danger is that Greece could be the next Ukraine. If Prime Minister Tsipras and Minister of Finance Varoufakis realise in time that they have to get out of the Euro-zone, they have already been made an offer of help from Russia, and you can bet that another helping hand will be Chinese. The Empire of Chaos cannot allow that to happen, so they will send in Victoria ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland again to talk to her allies in Golden Dawn and start a new coup d’état in Greece, with rubble as the result once more.

Spain is next in line, although they might get cold feet if the civil war in Greece starts early enough, and behind them are Italy, Portugal and maybe Ireland.

The question is how many of these countries must be turned to rubble before European leaders realise that they have no friend in the Empire of Chaos. You never have a friend in a bully. You just have a postponement of your turn to get slaughtered.

And so I return to the question in the title of this post. Will they ever learn, and, if so, when?

© James Wilde 2015