Th future for Greece

So what’s going to happen to Greece next week when the elections are over? Well, at the moment the polls are suggesting that the left wing Syriza party, and its leader, Alexis Tsipras, is going to win the election, but it is not clear whether they will have a simple majority. It would shake up Europe and, in fact, Wall Street if they did. We can only hope that, this time, unlike the recent vote in Scotland, the powers that wannabe will not be able to frighten the Greeks into voting for more of the same.

And what will Mr Tsipras do if he gets the mandate he is looking for? He will stop the nonsense of austerity and the fire sale of national assets to international companies as the solution to all of a country’s problems. He has promised to go to Brussels, not cap in hand so much as with head held high, and tell the infamous troika that the Greek debt to them and others is about to be renegotiated. Angela Merkel for one is not going to like that. She is too used to telling others which way is up. But the very act of rewriting the loan terms could be the black swan which everyone reading the alternative news sites has been waiting for. It could bring the house of cards crashing about our heads.

One possible outcome is that the infamous troika will agree, and do their best to salvage the shaky financial world. Another, more likely one, is that Greece will be kicked out of the EMU and probably the EU, Moodys will give it junk status, and the Greeks will be left to their own devices. One possible future move, which you won’t have heard about in the main stream media is that Vladimir Putin has offered them a helping hand if they are kicked out of the EU. In return for reneging on the ineffectual sanctions against Russia, they will be excepted from the ban on imports from European countries. It has not been said yet, but I can imagine that there could be a deal of Russian and Chinese investment in Greece, together with an invitation to join the Eurasian Economic Community.

Of course there is one big danger here. The Empire of Chaos could send in Victoria ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland to orchestrate yet another

coup d’état

in the country, ousting Mr Tsipras in favour of a more obedient Antonis Samaras, or even worse, someone from Golden Dawn, for she likes brutal neo-nazis and right-wing extremists in her puppet governments, as witness the government of Ukraine. The resulting civil war which Victoria ‘Fuck the EU’ Nuland will then lead will reduce most of Greece to rubble, just like Libya, Irak, Syria, oh, and Ukraine, her latest port of call in the service of the Empire of Chaos.

The problem is that the powers that wannabe cannot allow Greece to be successful. If that happens, what is going to happen in Spain and Italy? To say nothing of Ireland and France. And suddenly the chains with which the Empire of Chaos now fetters Europe will begin to look less secure. And that cannot be allowed to happen. If it does, even the Brits and the Germans may start thinking that their leaders might just not have their own citizens’ best interests at heart.  And where will it all end then?

© James Wilde 2015