We are both involved in music, each in our own way.  

Monica is a very active member of the choir of Lilla Malma kyrkan, now singing as a contralto, although when there is a shortage of tenors, she can sing their music, too.

I have organised a few concerts, three times now with the group Divine, an opera trio of world class sopranos, and at the time of writing, I have plans for a consert with the male voice choir of Optina Pustyn monastery in St Petersburg in the beginning of January 2016, and possibly a young quartet of classical singers next summer.

Then we are both involved with a little group which calls itself SMIS, Sällskapet Musik i Sandvik or, roughly translated, the Society for Music in Sandvik.  Sandvik is a little estate near us owned by a former professor of song technique from the Royal Technical College in Stockholm.  He had converted the barn to be habitable, and discovered the acoustical properties of the loft.

In this loft we have had small musical soirées since 2008, with many up and coming names and even world-class artists.  Last summer, for example, we had Camilla Nylund, a Finnish soprano, widely known on the continent of Europe, but of whom none of us except our chairman had heard.  She came to visit us and quite enthralled us with her beautiful voice and theatrical talents.

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