Prince on a Red Dragon


In "Prince on a Red Dragon" I wanted to deal with the problems of immigration for people with no ulterior motive.  It deals with the trials of Li Ya, a young woman from GuangXi province in China, who is offered the chance to earn what is, for her, a fantastic sum of money by travelling to Sweden to work for three months in the restaurant owned by a distant relative.  

The money she earns will make a handsome dowry for a woman without great prospects in her home country.  She is too tall, has too straight a nose, her skin is not pale enough, and she has an independent manner.  Added to these disadvantages, she will be expected to help look after her parents and grandmother when they are old, as well as taking care of her husband's ancestors.

Once in Sweden, she decides that she would like to stay longer than the three months of her visa, and it is then that she begins to run into trouble.  The best solution she is given is to enter into a marriage o convenience, which she is not prepared to do.

How she tries to solve her problem is the background to this story.

© James Wilde 2015