My short stories

Writing novels can be a time-consuming business. It took me two years to go from the first typed words to a ready-to-print book with "Prince on a Red Dragon" and a similar period of time for "An Apple for Teacher".  The third novel has taken even longer, and I am now coming up to the end of the third year, and have less than half a book.

I decided to see if I could turn my writing talent into a money spinner by writing short stories, and I now have six or seven.  It is something of a job to create locations for stories, not to say characters, and I decided to see how far I could set my stories in the same place, and with the same characters.  So for example, the first story had Peter Norris and Evelyn Pelham as the main characters, and these two make appearances in minor roles in subsequent books.

I am now collecting my stories in a series which I call "Village stories", a fictitious village stranded somewhere between the middle of the 20th century and the early years of the 21st.  So the residents have the characteristics of the early period - a sort of latter-day Miss Marple type of character, but they have modern amenities such as the Internet and smartphones.

It's a lot of fun, but has so far not proved very rewarding financially, I'm sorry to say.

© James Wilde 2015