The Russians are coming!

For this blog note I am breaking my usual rule of only writing in English. This subject is too important to be left to what is a foreign language in Sweden. So I am simultaneously publishing a Swedish-language copy of this article. See below.

I heard it on the news this evening, so it must be true. After conquering the US and placing Donald Trump, the biggest danger to the world, in the position where he can do most harm, the forces of evil with demon Putin at their head have turned their attention, like the Dark Lord in Mordor to the second most powerful nation on earth, Sweden. The Swedish security police, Säpo, said it this time.

A few weeks ago it was MSB, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, (although a better translation of their name might be the Department for Societal Protection and Preparedness) who went out with notices on how to prepare for an attack by Russia, how to hamster food and other necessities so that we can survive for a week without outside help. They actually mentioned Russia as the source of the threat to our society.

And just a week or so ago, the defence committee in parliament came to the conclusion that Sweden needs to spend 168 billion Swedish crowns over the next ten years to lift our ability to defend ourselves against the Russian peril. I wonder who the military will buy their weapons from. Could it be US weapons manufacturers? Has anybody realised that this kind of excessive expenditure will bring our defence spending up to the two percent of GNP required by President Donald Trump for members of NATO?

I smell a rat. Hopefully so do the majority of Swedes, but one never knows. If it comes from MSB or Säpo, and is broadcast on the national news channel, it must be true, right? We shouldn’t question it, right? Just dash away to the local grocery store and buy a five kilogram bag of spaghetti, a carton of candles (don’t forget the matches, stupid!) and a few tins of stewed lamb. Oh, and bottled water. Then hunker down under the bed, and wait for the all clear.

Nobody thinks to ask – why Sweden? Why would the Russians have us in their sights, whether it be to steer our choice of government or study our industrial competence? Well, I’m asking. And I maintain that the answer is easily found – we still aren’t members of NATO.

The last time I heard the proportion of the populace who expressed an opinion on the NATO question was still sixty-five percent against. As long as I have lived in Sweden, some thirty years now, the opposition has regularly demanded that Sweden join this criminal agency, and the government, realising that it would be political suicide to join, has refused, perhaps taking an unofficial referendum on the question, and confirming that a vast majority of Swedes are against it. And when the two sides of parliament change sides, government becomes opposition and vice versa, it’s the same again. The new opposition wants to know when the new government is going to join us to NATO. And nobody – nobody – asks the obvious question of the opposition: if it is so important, why didn’t you do it when you were in power?

And now the US is becoming a bit tired of the bull-headed Swedes who refuse to join NATO. The powers that be want to be able to show a united front against the forces of evil with demon Putin at their head, and one nation is balking – Sweden. And what better method than that which has been so successful (!) in the US: Russiagate, that ridiculous hypothesis that Russia somehow managed so to steer the polls that their manchurian candidate, Donald Trump, was elected to the presidency instead of Hillary Clinton. No evidence has been produced. No-one has even made the point that Donald Trump is at least as dangerous for the existence of life on earth as Hillary Clinton would have been. And very few have made the point that, if it was true, the NSA would know about it and have the proof, but the NSA has not come forward.

Because there is no proof. The whole is a bogey-man hunt to justify still more money to the military to buy still more weapons from the manufacturers and to try and hide the fact that the US is bankrupt.

Back to Sweden. If the situation is so dangerous that MSB is warning us to prepare for a week without supplies, they must know something that we don’t. And when Säpo sings the same song, it merely strengthens the uncertainty, because Säpo wouldn’t lie, would they?

It is my hypothesis that the intention is to swing that sixty-five percent, or at least fifteen to twenty percent of them over to the other side so that the government can agree with the opposition and take us into the infamous NATO. Mark my words, there will be a survey soon showing that a majority of Swedes who take a stand now stand on the side of joining NATO.

NATO. In our naivity, we thought of NATO as the good guys, ready at the drop of an H-bomb to come to our rescue from the danger posed by the Warsaw pact countries. And when the USSR bit the dust in 1989, the Warsaw pact was closed down. But not NATO. Why not?

Since then NATO in one gestalt or another has been responsible for every atrocity on the planet. Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and I haven’t even begun to mention the locations the world press doesn’t give a damn about, like the horn of Africa, Yemen, Nigeria and the other nations harrassed by Boka Haram, or South America, where election meddling is a fact of life, not a fairy tale as it is in the US. What kind of war is it that is waged in these countries? You have seen the ruins on television. You have seen and heard about the millions of people displaced from their homes, their jobs, their places of work, their schools and and hospitals, and landing on our shores, since they don’t believe NATO will wreak the same havoc here as it has done in their homelands.

The forces of evil are now at work again, here in Sweden, trying to turn our refusal to have anything to do with the villainy of NATO into support for a Swedish membership. But it is not Russia who lies behind it. The demon Putin is not our enemy. The Dark Lord does not live to the east in the land of Mordor, but to the west in the land of Lothlorien.

Late addition: when I wrote the above, I did not know that Prime Minister Stefan Loven had been called to Washington to discuss ‘business and security issues’. Now what business and security issues involving Sweden could be of interest to the Americans? Can it be that Loven has been called over to report on the ongoing move to change opinion vis a vis a NATO membership by Sweden, and that the business issues are a question of just how many US made weapons systems the Swedes are to buy?

© James Wilde 2015