A new start

I just looked – my last post to this blog was on 08 March, 2018, which, by coincidence, is international women’s day and my bonus daughter’s birthday. Since then I have been so dazed by the incredible, lemming-like stupidity of people in power, and the triviality of the reactions of the rest of us that the difficulty of finding something to write about which stands out as more stupid or trivial has frozen me into inactivity like a rabbit in car headlights.

But now I have woken up – or rather, I have been awakend. I was reading the end-of-year newsletter from Peak Prosperity, an organisation which, as it says on their home page, provides ‘insights for prospering as our world changes’. It is not a financial site, rather a life-style site.

The newsletter this week was concerned with the unravelling of society which we have seen in 2018, and which I touched on in the opening paragraph, and forecasting that 2019 is going to be much worse, as all the signs are that economics, both macro- and micro, politics, and the environment are all headed over a cliff. At one point the blogger, Chris Martenson, pointed out that

every older person needs to be ready for the day when a younger person walks up to them and asks them two questions:

1. When did you know, and

2. What did you do about it?

When did you know about the many problems and predicaments facing our world today? When did you find out about species loss, and peak oil, the generationally destructive policies of your peers and the unsustainability of our entire economic model?

And what did you do about any of it?

[Quoted with permission]

This was my wake-up call. And this blog post is my new start.

When did I know? Well, intellectually I knew when I first came to Peak Prosperity some time during the 1990’s, but there was still an element of doubt and a feeling that the looming crisis was sufficiently distant in time so that common sense could prevail before we went too far down an irrevocable road. As time has passed, however, I have become less and less sure about our ability to pull back from the brink of disaster.

What did I do about any of it? I have been sharpening my pen since 2010 with this blog, but not, to be sure, in any structured way, merely picking my subjects as the whim took me, and not consistently. There have been many pauses. But now the world is in such shape that I want to try and help change things, stop the rot.

There are just not enough voices preaching common sense, but the stupidities are increasing exponentially. So I have decided that I must add my voice on the side of common sense, and if I can persuade others to join in, perhaps something may yet be done. At least I have to try.

© James Wilde 2015