Get your cameras ready quickly!

If you want to see Ukraine as its citizens knew it, time is running out.  Ukraine as a functioning state has only a little time left as it was, although which way its future lies is still uncertain.  In either case, Russia will be satisfied with holding the Crimea.

On the one hand the agents of the west will see to it that a civil war starts, in which case the future of Ukraine is rubble in the streets, primitive medical facilities in what were once functioning hospitals, limited schooling if unbombed buildings with sufficiently large rooms can be found, destroyed factories and a non-existent infrastructure.  Amongst the rubble brutal travesties of humanity will wage small wars for control over small territories, whilst hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians migrate in search of a place of safety and end up in camps arranged for them in nearby countries.  The old will probably inherit the rubble, for they either will not or cannot move.

On the other hand, the west will retain control of the rest of Ukraine, with or without the travesties of humanity, “lend” them money on usurer’s terms, enforce retrenchment and dissolution of all welfare systems, and leave the Ukrainians with no money for schools, medicine, food or employment except for a few, no pensions for their elderly, and with their productive assets sold to risk capitalists in foreign countries.  This way also lies, eventually, civil war, as the disfranchised and hungry populace tries to oust whichever puppets the west has put in place to try and enforce the unenforceable.

In either event, Ukraine will be back in the stone age within six months.  Only the Crimea has a future, as a Russian stronghold.

Personally I expect the former scenario.  Ukraine has already gone too far along the road of internal conflict to be able to step back from the abyss and return to some form of normalcy, and is too dependent now on the “aid” they would get from the west.  Aid from Russia will be reserved for the Crimea.  Ukraine can no longer even hope for help from there unless they come very quickly to their senses, throw out all the existing puppets and call the former government back to see them through until elections in May.  I don’t think the west will allow that.

So, goodbye Ukraine.  Welcome to the growing list of countries which have been liberated by the west in the last few years:  Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Tunis, Syria…  I wonder which the citizens of these countries would prefer: their past, or their present and future.

© James Wilde 2015